Before the First Month of 2016 passes us by Happy New Year ALL

Happy New year! On the 29th of January ?   Well I decided that we could give you good tidings for the upcoming year as we overhaul some of the behind the scenes workhere at the Lamp Shop .    We area few months shy of starting our3rd year in this activity.  I do have to say it has been a greatexperience over all!   Both in learning and climbing mountains of questionsas well as meetingso many interesting folks who have come into the shop .  Honestly, aboutthree years ago, when Bruce   rang me up in my hovel   ( in my former life as a hotel manager )    asking if I wanted tojump into this business with himand my quick response wassure ,           ( based on my selfish desire to not be living in a hotel room any more as five years seemed to be my limit )   I had no idea I would be meeting so many interesting people who love lamps and lighting fixtures of all kinds .    

 The various people have proven that there is indeed a home for everything ,  some things just have to hang around until the right person comes in to rescue it and proudly display it in their collection .  

The projects have come to grow and become more numerous over the last year since Bruce last had time to sit down and write out a little blurb about what was going on in the shop ,  so I decided to sit down today while catching up on various paper work and kill the last few hours of the day to fillyou all in on the various things you may have missed if your not one of our regular visitors .    The lamp shop has continued to bring in people with incandescentdevices that will no longer illuminate for us to correct for their lighting purposes .  We have also seen an increase in the number of folk who want that great family heirloom made into a lamp so that it is useful instead of just being a dust catcher .   From Jugs and Vases and other more unique choices it surprises me sometimes what people want made into a lamp.  Part ofthis blog timeis so that we can catch you up but from here on out in the futureyou will be shown pictures of what we have done . Basically if you are wondering if we can do this or that, the answer is more than likely yes .   As Bruce's father has said on numerous occasions, around here the impossible just takes longer.  Those projects may take longer but with recent additions to our cast of characters the more basic repairs are getting done quicker than ever .  If you stop in be sure to say hi to Leslie. She will be the smiling one happily pullingnew wire through an annoyinglabyrinth of pipes and tubes .   The other addition is   Gabrielle, aka puppers.  He's a chihuahua but don't hold that against him and very lovable.    He doesn't do much with repairs buthe is great comic relief and some lucky customers even get a personal greeting from him .   Meanwhile the on-line side of the businesshas been growing steadily and that is a great new addition to the shop and we have met people from all over the world now!    I do welcome everyone to wander into the store to see what 4000 square feet of lamps and lamp parts look like .  Alas lamps and lamp parts every where and still never enough .

A few other things on the horizon for the shop and our customers, we currently have a source for custom covered lamp shades for your special gift ideas. We have a part time Fiber Artist who has done some stellar work for some special request gift lamps .

We also do custom design stained glass, and lighting fixtures in house here and stay tuned for a big surprise in about 10 monthsto make the shop a place you will want to go for a unique additions to your holiday tree.  More on that as the year progresses . 

I think I have rambled enough for now but i wanted to get some fresh thoughts down and to blow some of the cobwebs off of this page .   I wanted to kick this year off and at least get a post up in JanuaryandBruce and I are going to try to do our best to get at least one post a week up from here on out . With actual subjects and pictures to keep you entertained .  Also just wanted to throw up here for people who may have need of this knowledge .   We welcome all manner of lighting fixtures that need repaired of course ,   but also if your looking for a place to recycle those fixtures that you have no use for and would normally put on the curb or haul to the dump, drop them off at our store location and we will recycle them for you .  If they are broken lamps, that's fine ,  we have assorted places to get rid of them, but you never know a totally shattered lamp may have one whatchamacallit that's needs to make one thats not shattered into a totally usable lamp.  Antique parts are hard to come by.  Your spring cleaning or downsizing weekend can be my Tuesday morningaerobicactivity .   :-) 


only 4 months........

So now it has been about 4 months since we have started our web page and finally now I am able to start working on it. It is bad when all the the departments consists of just my self or Darrin and he is busy with all of our online shops at ebay, etsey and a few others. We have been all moved into our new digs since the beginning of September but we are far from organization of much. We are still playing my favourite game of hunt&search when it comes to finding some parts here. I know we have this, but where is one of my best chants when meditating on the location of a lock washer or fat-boy socket shell.

The holidays have come and gone now and now we are settling into the hardest part of the winter I feel. That cold and deary time of the year, so we all need good lighting especially now so come in folks!  We have been very busy with a wide variety of projects and repairs. We have a few turn of the 20th century floor lamps to restore and I have even built a custom table lamp for Interior Design Joy, owned by Joy Turner-Price in Piqua Ohio.

Right now I am restoring a 1910 Chicago Mosaic lamp for resale and 2 huge outdoor coach lanterns that have been languishing in our shop for some time. Just finished a 1930s polychrome 6 lamp hanging fixture for a couple in northern Ohio and Darrin just finished a 1940s cast brass chandelier for a customer in St.Paris Ohio. There is plenty more in the Q-line for us to work on as well and I don't want to give the impression that we only work on vintage and antique lighting. We have replaced many of sockets in newer lamps and even worked on some non-lighting things as well like an air purifier for one gentleman. So come in or call with what ever you have and we can probably fix it for you.