only 4 months........

So now it has been about 4 months since we have started our web page and finally now I am able to start working on it. It is bad when all the the departments consists of just my self or Darrin and he is busy with all of our online shops at ebay, etsey and a few others. We have been all moved into our new digs since the beginning of September but we are far from organization of much. We are still playing my favourite game of hunt&search when it comes to finding some parts here. I know we have this, but where is one of my best chants when meditating on the location of a lock washer or fat-boy socket shell.

The holidays have come and gone now and now we are settling into the hardest part of the winter I feel. That cold and deary time of the year, so we all need good lighting especially now so come in folks!  We have been very busy with a wide variety of projects and repairs. We have a few turn of the 20th century floor lamps to restore and I have even built a custom table lamp for Interior Design Joy, owned by Joy Turner-Price in Piqua Ohio.

Right now I am restoring a 1910 Chicago Mosaic lamp for resale and 2 huge outdoor coach lanterns that have been languishing in our shop for some time. Just finished a 1930s polychrome 6 lamp hanging fixture for a couple in northern Ohio and Darrin just finished a 1940s cast brass chandelier for a customer in St.Paris Ohio. There is plenty more in the Q-line for us to work on as well and I don't want to give the impression that we only work on vintage and antique lighting. We have replaced many of sockets in newer lamps and even worked on some non-lighting things as well like an air purifier for one gentleman. So come in or call with what ever you have and we can probably fix it for you.