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Antique, Vintage, Modern, or Hand-crafted Lamps and Light Fixtures

We have a very very large selection of antique and vintage lamps. We are able to make new lamps too.  If you have a picture of a light you have seen somewhere or in magazine, you can send it here so we make it for you. Come visit us at our physical store and you can select parts and pieces for the lamps that you want -- from floor lamps to work area desk lamps to bathroom wall lights to dining area hanging lights to outdoor light fixtures. Functional but decorative lights for your homes and businesses, you can get it from us; but we are not limited to just electric powered lights and lamps. We also sell oil lamps, wicks, oil lamp parts, gas lamp parts, chimneys and globes.

Glass Shades, Glass Globes, Diffuser Light Shades

If you broke your globe or diffuser for your lamp, we probably have a replacement for you. We have one show room, about 2,000 sq.ft., full of different globes and glass wares. From hand painted shades to student shades to holophane shades. Some are new but most are old. We also have new old stock, stock from other now out of business lamp shops that were ordered new but never sold so they are still in the box. Lots of antique glass, and turn of the 20th century as well, including gas lamp globes.  Call us at 937-778-0857 or click the Contact US page and write us for sizes and questions about all your glass needs.

Lamps and Light Fixture Repair, Restoration, Custom Build

We specialize in repair, restoration, and custom build for your light fixtures. That includes repair of stained glass shades. We restore family  Heirloom lamps back to former splendor with accurate era-compatible parts We can also repair your everyday table lamps and floor lamps when a socket goes bad or your pet chews up the lamp cord; and if you want to do-it-yourself, we have parts that you will need to do your project.

Powder Coated Finish Outdoor Lamps by Special Lite 

There's one respectable brand of product we deliver to you upon order. Special Lite, a Pennsylvania based manufacturing site makes elegant outdoor lights, including lamp posts, lighted address plaques, and mail boxes. It features powder coated finish to lamp's metal frames and posts meant for all-weather use and durability. Send us an e-mail requesting an electronic copy of Special Lite catalog. 




First Aid Salve for Skin Conditions: Porter's Liniment Salve

The first owners of The Lamp Shop used to carry Porter's Liniment Salve. The makers of Porter's has been existent since 1871 in Covington, Ohio. As repeat customers asked if we still carry this product, we have brought it back here for sale. Porter's Liniment Salve helps prevent infection in minor cuts, burns, and abrasions; also it provides temporary relief to discomfort due to sunburn, chopped skin, non-poisonous insect bites, and minor itching.